Nerd Out: Nation’s First Art Gallery Dedicated to William Blake Opens in SF

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by Anna Volpicelli

Calling all romantics! San Francisco is about to become the destination for connoisseurs of the prolific art work of William Blake. Yes, that William Blake.

When it opens its doors in the art hub that is 49 Geary Street this October, The William Blake Gallery will be the world’s first and only space dedicated to the famed English artist who, though he may be best known for his Romantic poems including Night and The Tyger, was also a stunningly prolific artist and printmaker whose etchings, engravings, and paintings illustrated his own poetic volumes as well as such other master works of literature as Dante’s Divine Comedy. The new Union Square gallery will exhibit more than 1,000 pieces of Blake’s work, including fine engravings and watercolors,as well as reproductions of his writings. It’s kind of strange and amazing, right?

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